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The Computational Services and Bioinformatics Resource (CSBF) provides computer resources for biomedical research at Stanford. Groups who sign up for a yearly membership have access to a wide variety of hardware and software.

·       Computer Hardware

·       Mac, PC and UNIX software

·       Consulting

·       Workshops

For more information, visit the CSBF software home page or contact these individuals.


Lee Kozar, Director CSBF
Beckman B062D
(650) 725-4483

  Christina Montgomery
Solars and Unix/backup system/disk array support
Beckman B050C
(650) 724-9598

  Alan Hebert
Desktop Computing Support/Key Access
Beckman B050C
(650) 724-9811

Kathy Fisher
Third Floor Desktop Computing Support/Key Access
Beckman B050C/B300

Ling Xiao
Desktop Computing Support/Appication Support
Beckman B050C/B360