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Unfortunately, the CSBF does not have any licenses for mobile device apps (iOS or Android). Mobile apps cannot be concurrently network licensed.

We have selected quite a few apps that we feel are very useful for your mobile device. Many of these are free. if you have any suggestions, please let us know.

iOS Android Description
Reference Managers    
Papers   Search PubMed, download and organize PDFs.
Mendeley   Reference Manager
EndNote   Manage References
PDF Viewer   Manage PDF docs
iBooks   Can also manage PDFs and ePub books
Kindle   View .mobi books
Pages   Word processor. Works best with external keyboard
Numbers   Spreadsheet
Keynote   Presentation software
Note Taking   Lots of them out there. Any personal favorites?
Evernote   Save your ideas/notes/index cards, etc.
Magical Pad   Notes with drawing, outlining, etc.
Penultimate   Handwriting app
iThoughts HD   Mindmapping
ThinkBook   Note taking and task management
Molecular Visualization    
ChemDraw   Draw chemical structures
ChemJuice   Draw chemical structures
iMolView iMolView MolSoft molecular viewer
Molecules   Molecular Viewer
Chem 3D   Molecular visualization
RCSB PDB   Download and View RCSB molecular models
Biomedical Apps    
So Many-Any Faves?    
Genome Data    
Wowser   Genome Wowser - Display Genbank Genome Data
BioGene   Gene Browser - Functional Info
Lab Calculation   Common Lab Calculations
Cloning Bench   Invitrogen Cloning Tools
Dilution   Dilution Calculations
LabCal Plus   MW, molarity, pH, peptide fragment weight
LabCalPro   pH, buffers, solutions, centrifugation, MW, etc.
Qiagen   Qiagen Reference and Calculators
Promega   Promega Reference and Calculators
NEB Tools   New England Biolabs Tools
Protocolpedia   Lab protocols
CMM Molar Mass   Molar Mass Calculator
DailyCalcs   Science Calculator from Invitrogen
DNA/RNA/Protein Calc   Calculate MW of DNA/RNA/Protein
Biological Buffer Calc   From Wiley Publishing. pH, common buffer calc
Buffers   Buffer solution calculations
Molarity   From Sigma-Aldrich. Molarity & normality calcs.
MS iCalc   Mass, mass/charge, m/z, elemental composition, peptides
Genetic Code   Genetic Code, codon usage, backtranslation
Quartzy   Lab management (ordering, inventory, etc)
Lab Timers    
LabTimers   Lab Timer from Sigma-Aldrich
LabTimer   Multi-Timer for lab
Chemical Touch   Periodic Table
EMD PTE   Periodic Table and molecular calculator
WolframAlpha   Search Engine + Mathematica = WolframAlpha
MATLAB   Run Matlab programs on iOS device
MathU RPN   HP 12C Financial Calculator
PCalc Lite   RPN Scientific Calculator
MyScript Calculator   Calculator with handwriting recognition
StatsMate   Simple statistical calculations
QuickGraph   Graphic calculator
Pocket CAS   Graphic Calculator
MathStudio MathStudio Comprehensive Graphic Calculator
Converter Plus   Unit converter
Convert   Unit converter
Convex   Unit converter - cool design
PNAS   View PNAS articles on iOS device
Nature Journals   View Nature journals on iOS device
Nature ENCODE   About the ENCODE database
Science   View Science articles on iOS device
Unbound MEDLINE   Search PubMed
JBC   Journal Biological Chemistry
Cell Press   Cell - Journal Reader
NEJM This Week   New England Journal of Medicine
Paper by 53   Easy to use sketching & drawing app
Brushes   Painting app for iOS
Sketchbook Pro   From Autodesk
Procreate   High end painting app
AutoCAD 360   Professional drafting app for iOS devices
OmniGraffle   Quick diagram, process chart, etc - NOT CHEAP
iStanford   Official App of Stanford
Stanford MDM   Secure Mobile Device Management
Box   Filesharing on the Cloud. Stanford supports this
Dropbox   Filesharing on the Cloud
Wikipanion   Wikipedia viewer for iOS
Todo   Task manager
2Do   Task manager
System UTIL   Monitors System information
AppBox Pro   Collection of utilities
SplashID   Secure storage of passwords and other info
Other Categories?   Any other suggestions? Photo, Social Networking, whatever?